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Written by Kimon   
Friday, 31 July 2009 23:07

2312 is a novel by Kim Stanley Robinson, published in 2012 by Orbit Books.

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Rosie Oliver |2012-12-30 19:10:39

I'm not sure how contact a person who has editorial clout over 2312... I've found a couple of typos to date in the hardback copy sold in the UK, and thought you might like to know if you are thinking of re-publishing.
1) Page 47 - 7th paragraph - 2nd line - insert way after their.
2) Page 64 - first paragraph - Io is not the innermost moon of Jupiter, it is however, the innermost of the big four moons of Jupiter. A couple of words to clarify perhaps?
PS I don't go looking for these things - these are the ones that jumped out at me.
Please delete this comment once you've made the appropriate notes.
Best Wishes, Rosie
Joaquin Arriola  - con conscience in 2312 |2013-09-13 14:47:26
I'm a little bit dissapointed with KSR's reflections on consciousness and cibernetic psichology. I think this short paper by the soviet philosopher E.V.Ilienkov is enough to understand the limitations of the artificial consciousness approach in the book.
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