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Written by Kimon   
Sunday, 19 July 2009 09:41

VLA hopes to be a community-run website. Contributions to the content and to the structure of the website itself are wanted and encouraged!

Some ways in which you can contribute:

· Register/Sign in MangalaWiki and help build a comprehensive encyclopedia on the works of KSR

· Help build a comprehensive interview list

· If you come across an article of interest concerning KSR, such as a noteworthy review or KSR-inspired art, do post it

· The same goes for articles of interest concerning related themes and issues : the environment, politics, science, history... the list is nearly infinite

· will host or link to content that is not exclusively focused on KSR. Sustainable living initiatives, social themes in science fiction, suggested writers and thinkers, if you've read KSR you know that nearly anything can be relevant.

Finally, you can also contribute with suggestions pertaining to the structure of the site. Should we add a gallery of inspired-by art? A workshop on topical international issues? A newsletter? Be creative! currently does not have a forum (it may have in the future).
Please use this post as a thread for suggestions in the comments below.

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Kimon  - test |2009-07-31 23:19:51
Testing this system... :x
MWT  - Google Mars |2010-06-08 16:37:27
I suggest setting up a shared set of markers for Google Mars that depict the sites from the Mars trilogy.
albinoflea  - Mars Trilogy maps |2010-07-12 17:59:16
Not sure if you're familiar with NASA's World Wind; it's similar to Google Earth. One of the users created an add-on that shows many of the features discussed in the Trilogy:
Robert R. Northup  - climate change solutions in science fiction |2010-09-27 00:39:18
Sun Symbiosis – by Forrest Sol

The following review of my unpublished first novel was written by the best-selling science fiction author Piers Anthony. It can be found in the June, 2010 newsletter on his website:

“I read Sun Symbiosis, by Forrest Sol, a pen name for a PhD in environmental science. This is presented as a novel, but is actually a book-length essay phrased as an extended interview. I had to tell the author that it really didn't work for me as a novel, because there is no human interaction other than between the interviewer and his subject, both male. A novel does better with a rich background of science or fantasy and a telling human story, preferably a romantic one, and perhaps a moral theme. An example is the movie Avatar. I'm not sure whether that was a novel first, but if so, it was surely a good one. Sun Symbiosis has the background, and is in fact a work of formidable imagination, and a moral theme: saving the environment. The author cle...
Adam A. Ford  - Kim Stanley Robinson videos at Aussiecon 4 |2011-03-01 03:40:53
Kim Stanley Robinson Short Speech Accepting Thankyou Gifts:

Bioethics of Terraforming panel:
Adam A. Ford  - re: Kim Stanley Robinson videos at Aussiecon 4 |2011-03-01 03:42:15
Adam A. Ford wrote:
Kim Stanley Robinson Short Speech Accepting Thankyou Gifts:

Bioethics of Terraforming panel:

Sorry did not add urls as links...
Kimon |2011-03-07 22:27:39
Thank you Adam! Will add them up to the list at the wiki shortly!
une lectrice  - merci |2012-10-15 07:34:48
j'aime beaucoup vos livres,
depuis plusieurs années
je vous souhaite d'être heureux, empli de bonheurs
bien sincèrement
Jeffrey A. Ehrnman  - Glossary of Illustrations in the Mars Trilogy |2013-02-08 19:53:56
I have read the trilogy and 'The Martians' and found I am always trying to find a map or illustration... So I compiled a list. Here goes...

Frontispiece, Mars Map, 2 pages
Page 110 The Martian Calendar Year 1, (2027 AD)
Pages 196,197,198 Greimas Schematic Rectangle

Frontispiece, Mars Map, 2 pages
Page 30 Map: Mars Polar Region
Page 130 Map: Burroughs C. 2100 AD
Page 500 Map: Burroughs Region
Page 537 Diagram: Temperature Comparisons

Frontispiece, Mars Map, 2 pages
Sub-Frontispiece,The Martian Calendar Year 1, (2027 AD)
Page 6 Map: Pavonis Mons Caldera (Sheffield)
Page 208 Map: Tempe Terra (Kasei Fjord)
Page 308 Map: North Sea Polar Projection (North Pole)
Page 334 Map: Chryse Gulf (Da Vinci, Kasei Fjord, Sinai Peninsula)
Page 450 Map: The Grand Canal (Isidus Bay, Hellas Sea, Odessa)
Page 549 Map: Olympus Mons Caldera

The Martians
Frontispiece, Mars Map, 2 pages (From BLUE MARS)
Jeannine |2013-04-17 06:40:53
This article in the BBC news entitled "Applicants wanted for a one way ticket to Mars" reads almost like the first chapter of Red Mars.
Bernard de Vries  - Mr. |2014-01-16 05:19:35
Just started to read Forty signs of rain. On page 3, third line one calorie will raise the temp of one kilogram of water should read one GRAM. This is the type of mistakes that are being made at NASA where they can loose space craft on Mars. Stick to one system. One calorie=4.185 joules.
mike gilliland  - ideas for KSR's next novel |2014-03-14 21:05:33

Hi there Kim from a big fan.
Here's some ideas for a future novel, it's a story I wrote, mostly unknown, a successful anarcha-feminist revolution set in the near future amid climate chaos and the collapse of capitalism.. also funny, tragic.... :idea: :idea:
You can read it online or download at the above site.
Great to see you still going strong, we're almost the same age!
all the best... salud... mike gilliland
Paul LoSchiavo  - The muse in me |2014-04-19 14:46:18
Not knowing what the above may portend I humbly abstain. First I am not a writer I am a muse. That is I freely give great ideas to writers for what it's worth. For example, RAH wrote the "Puppet masters" wonderful science fiction satire. Just imagine though if the slugs returned with a proposal that would allow humans to voluntarily accept symbionts for the benefits accrued from suddenly acquiring a super intellect and body control possible only with 4 pounds of additional
functioning grey matter. If the slugs agreed to a partnership rather than total control wouldn't some adventuresome people try it? Think of the possibilities as well as the risks. This is just one example of the myriad ideas I have to offer. I always wanted to try expanding on some of Heinleins stories. Or write an ode titled "TANSTAAFL". Catchy right? In the proper hands the commercial possibilities of continuing to right tales in the universe of Oscar Gorden or Lazarus Long. Of course my lockerf...
Lp |2015-01-16 22:15:22
Anyone noticed how French was destroyed in Green Mars, when Michel freaks out because Maya lefts him after having beaten him with a copper pot or something "Putaine! Pourquoi ce ça?" doesn't mean jack shit so yeah, my personal contribution to the site, even though the martian trilogy is one of the best series of books I've read in the past months.

Hope I was dutifully representing francophones here
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