Aurora is the title of Kim Stanley Robinson's latest novel, published in July 2015.

Interview Comments

In an interview with Romanian website SFMag in March 2014, Stan says:

"I just finished a starship novel in which people in a multi-generational starship try to get to Tau Ceti and occupy one of the planets around that star (actually a big moon of one of the planets). Problems follow..."

In September 2013, in an interview at FDL Book Salon, Stan mentioned:

"My next novel is going to be about a multi-generational starship, actually.
But I don’t think they are going to work. I’m still working on that idea.
It’s part of the thinking going on in 2312 and Shaman, and so I think the three books will make a kind of argument for what we are and what we can or should try to become in the future.
This is something my editor, Tim Holman, has been pointing out to me; that these three books will make a kind of extended argument or case."

Also in September 2013, in an interview with Amazing Stories:

ASM: What projects are you working on now that we can look forward to?
KSR: Another science fiction novel, of course; this time, about a multi-generational starship to a nearby star.