8 Mar 2022

More things that happened

Submitted by Kimon

(Image by Anders Dunker for Rediscovering Earth)

Continuing on The Ministry for the Future related news:

Crooked Timber organized a full on-line seminar around Ministry, with some great content and great commentators. Links to all articles:

Related to that, following a very successful book club on MinistryBryan Alexander interviewed KSR: Academia, climate change, and the future

KSR gets a mention to set the context for an interview with Delton Chen, the man behind the carbon coin idea developed in Ministry, in the Wall Street JournalCould a ‘Carbon Coin’ Save the Planet?


More stuff that happened in 2021 that I didn't previously cover:

Interviews or events that have put their material online (I wonder what would happen to the world if YouTube were to go offline):

Some short interviews:


Some things in print + Forewords:


And, finally, something for the collectors! Thomas Gladysz gathered up the author trading cards from author events at the Booksmith bookshop in San Francisco, see his website with the complete details. Kim Stanley Robinson had two, #314 from 1999 celebrating the release of The Martians, and # 911 from 2008 celebrating the release of Sixty Days and Counting.