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I have started reading your mars trilogy and I love it if there could be a modern alternative variation on the entire mars trilogy because of the aspect of human lifespan being extended by decades. It would be interesting if the characters and other humans outward appearances could gradually age until they look like variations of these images in amount of gradual outward appearance aging. 


Hi Kim,  I have written at least 6 of your books.  I've been reading Ministry of the Future slowly and have some ideas to share with you, some of which is written in detail in my book, Equal Rights Versus the Rights of Property.  I'd like to send you a copy of the book so you can see my take on U.S. history & corporate capitalism.  Could you let me know an address where I could send the book to you by mail?  It should be printed next month.  I've been tracking climate change since 1990 and currently do legal forest protection work (including for carbon sequestration & storage) in eastern Oregon.  You can see what I do and photos of me in the forests with volunteers at bluemountainsbiodiversity.org.  My email for contacting me is:  bluemountainsbiodiversity@gmail.com, for letting me know where to send a copy of my book to you.  I'd also like to have a conversation at some point about ideas in Ministry and ideas in  my book to consider--esp. re: issues around capitalism wrecking progress on phasing out fossil fuels, banks, and how to address the  current situation based on U.S. "ourstory" re: finance and movement-building, etc.   Thank you for  your good writing and getting good ideas out there in Ministry for the Future.  I originally wanted to be a novelist, but instead I became an activist, naturalist, and poet.  I do have some hopefully constructive critique about some aspects of Ministry, such as re: carbon capture, the role of banks and their authority over society, and saying "and so on" in virtually every chapter!  I'm also interested in how you viewed the balancing act involved with writing non-fiction/speculative fiction.  Enough said for now.  I look forward to your response and hope I can send a copy of my book to you.  For the Wild, Karen Coulter, Director, Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project

5104697777 Dr M. Paloma Pavel for Dr Kim Stanley Robinson

Stan- Invitation to speak with Bishop Marc Andrus series -November 16 ,2023 "Sacred Earth: Growing Beloved Community"


Dear Mr Robinson:

Congratulations on receiving the gold medal in Californiana from the Commonwealth Club.  I am the leader of the Reading Californians book discussion group at the Commonwealth Club.  I was wondering if you would be willing to join our book discussion when we talk about your book, The High Sierra:  A Love Story?  The good news is that you won't even have to come to SF as we will do the discussion via Zoom!  Our available dates (all Tuesdays) would be August 8, December 5, (in 2024) February 6 and April 2.  We usually have the discussions at 5 - 6:15 p.m. but we can be flexible on the time.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Kalena Gregory

Reading Californians

Commonwealth Club

Any idea how to get the email address of the man himself. Just have a question about a recent talk he gave is all


I would like to meet, or at least contact, you. We are very nearly the same: been all over the Sierras, class 2, passes, basins, off trail, Zen, old, writer (mostly unsung). I liked "High Sierra' and have been ti almost every destination mentioned in it. Enjoyed "Ministry of the Future" too.  At 82, I've lost all my backpacking companions to death or disability. I have also lost interest in the JMT, but I still hold the age record for completing it. I'm a freelance science writer, but I also write for outdoor/adventure magazines for fun. chickenfat2@gmail.com

I just finished listening to you High Sierra book and a love story does not adequately describe your relationship. The Sierra's are your mistress, and I hope she is up to sharing.

My question is; could you remind me what you take for altitude acclimation.

If Kim Stanley Robinson manage to acquire the appropriate permission from Amazon Studios/MGM Studios. You might be able extend/expand your novel the Years of of Rice and Salt by blending it/crossing it with the Stargate Franchise tv shows lore and other multimedia lore content.

Would you please if you are in contact with the author pass the following on to him. If you manage to acquire the appropriate permission from Amazon Studios/MGM Studios. You might be able extend/expand your novel the Years of of Rice and Salt by blending it/crossing it with the Stargate Franchise tv shows lore and other multimedia lore content.

The world's "experts" are contantly getting the cause of climate change wrong. The majority of them (including the latest UN IPCC report) focusses on emmissions. "if we can get emmissions down by switching to renewable or solar or nuclear energy, that will solve the problem. We just need the political will to do so." Actually, it would make no difference whatsoever until we solve the world's biggest problem - global population. If we want to generate "political will", we have to give them sound information. People cause climate change. If population grows from 8 billion people to 10 billion by ~2050, then emissions will rise regardless of what forms of energy we use. The extra people will heat homes, drive cars, clear fields, and cause industry to raise their emmissions. Getting global population under control is key to fighting climate change.

Fortunately, there is an effective and humane way to do this that the "experts" are not talking about - global education. Many studies (including one by the UN) have suggested that increasing education can lower fertility rates by as much as a factor of 3. Smarter women and men have fewer babies. If we can get population growth stopped, then we have a chance to prevent futher damage to the planet from climate change. If we don't, it won't matter. Millions or perhaps billions will die. That's solving the problem the Hard Way!

Dave Mackidd  Calgary Alberta Canada mackidddave4@gmail.com 403-968-6904

Hi David,

Thanks for the info; I've also added this to our more comprehensive interview list:


Do you know if this interview appears in a print issue of The Edge, or was it a web-only interview?

Also, the site indicates that the interview first appeared in Mike's Dreamberry Wine; do you happen to know when that might have been?

Nice! I have your contact details, we'll see what I can do :wink:

Lori, thanks, I will relay this and keep you posted.

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