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I notice that when you revmamped the Forums section of the site, it returned to oldest first. Most recent first would be more convenient, I think.




The list of Italian translations is a bit outdated. Here is an up-to-date list. Picture of covers can be easily found on the publisher's websites on on on-line bookshops like Amazon.

  • La costa dei barbari ("The Wild Shore", Mondadori Editore, 1990, ISBN 9788835600350, translated by G. L. Staffilano)
  • Costa delle palme ("The Gold Coast", Mondadori Editore, 1994, ISBN 9788804377634, translated by G. Alnieri)
  • Gli anni del riso e del sale ("The Years of Rice and Salt", Newton Compton Editori, 2007, ISBN 9788854107564, translated by B. Corda and F. Toticchi)
  • Il rosso di Marte ("Red Mars", Fanucci Editore, 2016, ISBN 9788834730959, translated in 1995 by M. Carità)
  • Il verde di Marte ("Green Mars", Fanucci Editore, 2016, ISBN 9788834731437, translated by A. Guarnieri)
  • Il blu di Marte ("Blue Mars", Fanucci Editore, 2017, ISBN 9788834732816, translated by A. Guarnieri)
  • New York 2140 (Fanucci Editore, 2017, ISBN 9788834734032, translated by A. Guarnieri)

Is there a way to do display comment showing most recent at top?



I am a french editor and I am looking Kim Stanley Robinson's literary agent. But I don't find him/her. If any one knows, could he contact me ?

thank you very much


My name is Patrick Haney, and I want to send a letter to Kim Stanley Robinson for a school English project about his short story "the Lucky Strike". Does anyone have his contact information (even email), or is there anyway I can get to it?


All the links from thsi page are dead:


and result o a message of the form:

Page not found

The requested page "/d/node/554" could not be found.

and the "preview" button on this mesage box does nto work eithr... :-(

Fixed. IT problems arise from time to time, I deal with them ASAP!

The Edge magazine (May, 1996)
Interview discussing politics, futurism, the Mars trilogy, The Three Californias, Memory of Whiteness (by Mike Don)


PS The Strange Horizons interviewer was Lynne Jamneck.

David (I hope it's Ok for editors to add their own stuff here! I honestly do think it's a fine interview).

Hi David,

Thanks for the info; I've also added this to our more comprehensive interview list:


Do you know if this interview appears in a print issue of The Edge, or was it a web-only interview?

Also, the site indicates that the interview first appeared in Mike's Dreamberry Wine; do you happen to know when that might have been?

Nice! I have your contact details, we'll see what I can do :wink:

The Mt Shasta Library is participating in the statewide, California Reads grant program, "Searching for Democracy." I was looking for potential authors to visit as part of the grant and a friend shared an article written in Shambhala Sun about KSR. The more I read (I am currently reading "Remaking History") and hear/see (I watched his talk last November in Texas), the more I am excited about his work and would love to see if he would be interested in coming to the Mt Shasta Library this fall. Our library has chosen to focus on Rebecca Solnit's "A Paradise Built in Hell," which is an inspiring, indepth, historical look at how people deal with disaster and can find meaning and purpose, as also expressed by Viktor Frankl in "Man's Search for Meaning," which she cites in her book.
The intent of this grant is to create meaningful dialog and community using literature, and I would love to bring the large sci fi group to the discussion table, using "2312" as a springboard. (I'd love to hear how "Muir on Shasta" from "Remaking History" came to be.) The library's email is mtshastalibrary@gmail.com and our phone number is 530.926.2031. Thanks so much!!! Lori

I need to contact Mr. Kim Stanley Robinson. It's urgent for me and I need help with finding his e-mail address at least, or any other method to contact him.

Hi, my name is Greg. I've surfed the web through and couldn't find any trace of Kim Stanley Robinson, which as I know was published via your agency. The question is about translation his books into Russian and publishing them in Russia, but still I cannot find neither him, nor his lobbyists. If you can help me somehow, please respond via the e-mail.
Sincerely, Greg.

Hello. I teach at Mondragon University, which is affiliated with the Mondragon cooperative group KSR mentions a few times in the Mars Trilogy. I just read a review of his work in the American Prospect and it inspired me to try to invite him to visit Mondragon. :idea: Alas, I can't find a way to contact him or an agent. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Lori, thanks, I will relay this and keep you posted.

I am reading 'the years of rice and salt' after thoroughly enjoying the Mars series and 2312, and I would really benefit from being able to express me gratitude to the great KSR, is there any way to directly reach him? (Email or an old fashioned letter for example?)

I am organising a conference in Grenoble University (France) about new textual genres developing today in relation to climate change. I would love to invite Kim Stanley Robinson to talk about the novels he has written about climate change but can find no way of contacting him. Would there be any way you could advise me ?
Thanks !

Hi Kim,

I'm currently in the process of making a new space series for Discovery and there are a few stories that we would really appreciate your input on. Is there an email I could send you more information to?


Please, how can I contact Kim Stanley robinson?

I have been asking for a while now...

hoping to find one..... not for a bothersome reason.

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