Martian government

The Martian government was created following the Second Martian Revolution which insured Mars's independence from Terra's rule. Its form was established in the Martian constitution created in the Pavonis Mons Congress in 2128.

The global government was a confederation led by a seven-member executive council (inspired by the Swiss system), which was elected by two legislative branches:

  • the duma, consisting of drafted citizens
  • the senate, consisting of elected representatives from every town

Legislature was mostly left to towns. The judicial branch presented three courts:

  • a criminal court
  • a constitutional court (including an economic commission for eco-economics)
  • an environmental court (including a land commission for no private property), the Global Environmental Court (GEC)

In all it was a strong global government with a weak executive body.

The first Martian government was composed by:

  • Executive council: Nadia Cherneshevsky (president)
    • Zeyk Tuqan
    • Ariadne (Free Mars)
    • Marion (Bogdanovist Red)
    • Peter Clayborne
    • Mikhail Yangel (Bogdanovist)
    • Jackie Boone (Free Mars)
  • GEC chief justice: Irishka (Reds)