4 Apr 2022

Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Submitted by Kimon

Sustainable Packaging Coalition Impact 2022

Hilton San Francisco Union Square

Apr 04-06 2022

2:15 - 2:45 pm  Opening Keynote | The Ministry for the Future

In this opening keynote, Science Fiction Writer Kim Stanley Robinson will share his perspective on the impact of climate change on our near future, and what global society needs to do, to manage averting total cataclysm. What will it take to turn that growing realization of existential danger into effective change? It’s not a question with one answer. Some will experience climate trauma, and change. But many more will have to change in response to their own awareness and foreknowledge.

In this talk and interview, the concepts of Planetary Culture and Climate Restoration will be discussed, as well as the role of urgency and hope.

Kim Stanley Robinson, Science Fiction Writer and Author of “The Ministry for the Future"

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