Third Martian Revolution

The Third Martian Revolution happened over an extended period of time in the first quarted of the 23rd century. Unlike the previous two revolutions, this was a complex, smooth, non-violent revolution that resembled more a shift in values than a revolution.

The causes

  • Strict immigration policy on Mars.
  • Lower living standards on Terra.
  • Paradigm shift brought about by the second renaissance of the Accelerando.

The revolution

Terrans took over the space elevator at Sheffield and illegal Terran colonies began landing everywhere, carrying guns on Mars (which was demilitarized) and resulting in the native Martian population to be overrun by Terran-born. The native Martians approached them and taught them the Martian way -- told them how to hunt, gather and fish, what houses to build, how to live on the open air.

At Mangala, all branches of the Martian government agreed that this move meant a war with Terra. Then the ancient issei, led by Maya Toitovna, arrived and expressed their thoughts once more, and everyone on Mars watched. They said the Martian government had broken the law by forbidding Terran immigration at a time when Terra was in need; the population surge years were almost over because of the quick decline and they pleaded Mars to renegotiate its stance with Terra.

People became conscious that they could make things differently, that the mutation of values was there. The Terran police troops returned to the Socket as people shook their hands and kissed them.

The consequences

A new era of cooperation between Mars and Terra began.