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This is a list of the characters appearing in the Science In The Capital trilogy, composed of Forty Signs Of Rain, Fifty Degrees Below and Sixty Days And Counting -- and re-edited into the omnibus Green Earth.

Main characters

Frank Vanderwal

Originally from UCSD, did a one-year visit to NSF in Washington. His bold ideas to change the way NSF does science won him an extended position in NSF. Later member of the staff to the Presidential Science Advisor.

Repaleolithization is a concept developed by Frank Vanderwal in the novel Fifty Degrees Below. It is a life style attempt to return to activities that are sane for the human body and mind and were practiced by human beings as they evolved in ancient geological times but which are now mostly abandoned in modern urban life. It was meant to enhance the experience of living and accompany one's pursuit of happiness, a "landscape restoration inside the brain".

Permaculture is a concept integrating an ecological approach to all aspects of human endeavors. It is a design system for sustainability encompassing agriculture, building, living and other aspects of human activities, drawing connections and relations with the ecological system as a whole. It is a portmanteau of permanent culture as well as a permanent agriculture. Its basic principles were established in the 1970s by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.

Sixty Days And Counting is the third volume of the Science In The Capital trilogy, published in 2007.

A new administration arrives in the White House, decided to tackle climate change in every way possible. Personal destinies and global strategies are forged.

Fifty Degrees Below is the second volume of the Science In The Capital trilogy. It was published in 2005, a few months after the passage of hurricane Katrina and the destruction of New Orleans: real-life images that were echoed greatly ex ante by the flood of Washington described in these novels.

As Washington, DC, recovers from a flood, climate change becomes more of a cntral issue in the intricate interaction between science and politics. Frank Wanderwal now homeless, he decides to live in a tree house -- just as the Northern hemisphere experiences the coldest winter in recorded history.

Forty Signs Of Rain is the first volume of the Science In The Capital trilogy. It was published in 2004.

In Washington, DC, the National Science Foundation guides science on its usual procedures of peer-reviewed boards and budget allocations. Politics are little concerned of climate change. The arrival of the Khembali, a buddhist sect whose native island is in danger of being flooded, heralds some important changes.

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