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The Martian calendar uses local years and days. The calendar began with the landing of the First Hundred, on Ls = 7 degrees of M-year 1, corresponding to circa September 2027.

Revolution around the Sun is divided into 360 degrees (Ls). The Northern hemisphere equinox between winter and spring was chosen as the Ls = 0 degrees.

The longevity treatment, commonly called simply "the treatment", is a medical procedure developed in the 2040s which dramatically increased human life span.

The treatment was developed by the Acheron medical and biotechnology team on Mars, led by Vlad Taneev, in the 2040s. It was first given to those who visited the Acheron complex. It was then administered to all Martians. Sax Russell secretly passed it on to the Areophany.

The Greens are the partisans of the development of an open-air biosphere on Mars, and are in favor of terraforming. They are in opposition with the Reds. Sax Russell is commonly acknowledged to have initiated the Green movement, thanks in no small part to his public debates with Ann Clayborne, the original Red. Ironically, they represent a progressive force of change, but they bear a name traditionally linked to movements desiring conservation of wildlife and the environment (on Earth).

The First Hundred are the first colonists of Mars. They arrived on Mars in the second manned expedition to Mars in 2027, on the spaceship Ares. Among their members are some important figures that spawned entire ideological movements, political parties and shaped history. They are composed of 35 persons from the USA and 35 from the USSR, those being the major world powers at the launch of the Ares, the other 30 being from other countries. Names are listed below for 43 of them.

USA contingent

Seven named

Transnationals were private mega-corporations that ruled the Earth economy in the period of 2030 to circa 2100. They were the result of mergers of smaller companies in search of economies of scale in the capitalist struggle for greater efficiency. They progressively took precedence over governments in many parts of the world, which resulted in continuing tensions between them and international bodies. The influence of the transnationals extended to Mars, where the entire economic activity and the quasi-entirety of the immigration was ensured by transnationals.

Terraforming is the process of re-creating an environment suitable for life on an initially nonviable planet.


The terraforming of Mars was approved in ca.2030 by UNOMA. It would come to be completed less than two centuries later, exceeding many conservative expectations.

Several terraforming techniques were used in tandem.

Solar irradiation

Solar irradiation was increased with the use of the sails of Earth-to-Mars ships as mirrors.

The soletta increased irradiation dramatically.

The space elevator is means of ground-to-space travel. It consists of a cable attached to the surface of the planet upon which cars physically travel up and down. On its end, beyond geosynchronous orbit, a space station counterbalances the weight and helps to keep the cable vertical above the planet's equator. Science fiction author Arthur C.

Moholes were artificial shafts created on Mars during the 21st century, for purposes of heat release, as projects part of the terraforming effort. It was calculated that they contributed to about a 5 degrees K rise to mean temperature. A side benefit to their creation was ore mining.

Moholes were attempted on Earth in the 1961, with funding by the National Science Foundation[1]. Their name is a portmanteau of "hole" and "Moho", the shortened name of the Mohorovičić discontinuity, being the frontier between the Earth's crust and the mantle.

Metanationals were private giga-corporations resulting from the fusion of many transnationals in the decades following World War Three in the later 21st century. The metanationals completely overtook national rule in Terran affairs and became the new world order of the 2100s.

Some metanationals:



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