4 Mar 2021

Building the Ministry of the Future

Submitted by Kimon

Thu, 4 March 2021
18:30 – 22:30 CET

Join us for an exciting discussion with acclaimed science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson and the activist and author Jane Davidson, on how we get to the future we want — and the type of organisations we need to help us get there.

Kim Stanley Robinson is a bestselling science fiction writer whose work addresses important questions of world-building. The Ministry for the Future, his latest novel, is no exception, wrestling with how to avoid an over-heated world and impending climate catastrophe.

Former Welsh Environment Minister, Jane Davidson shaped the pioneering Well-Being of Future Generations Act, which put sustainability at the heart of all government decisions. She tells this story in her book #futuregen, reflecting on Wales' remarkable response to our global climate issues.

The conversation will be moderated by Cat Tully, the Managing Director of the futures and foresight practice SOIF.

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