About KSR.info

About this website

KimStanleyRobinson.info (KSR.info) is a website dedicated to the American author and thinker Kim Stanley Robinson, and to the discussion of his works. KSR.info is not officially sanctioned by Kim Stanley Robinson or any of his representatives. This is a fan non-profit-oriented effort and no copyright infringement is intended. Despite the fact that Mr. Robinson is aware of KSR.info and approves of this web-based platform for the presentation of his work, this site is unofficial and the views expressed here cannot be used as those of Mr. Robinson's.

A great part of this website is the free online encyclopedia on all things related to KSR's works (called MangalaWiki in the first version of this site). Anyone is free to join, edit and help build it.

The encyclopedia and the site are meant to serve as springboards for further analysis and discussion of the themes tackled by KSR's works -- sustainability, politics, humanism. Criticism is not prohibited, only as long as it is respectfully and coherently argumented. Please be respectful of other people's opinions and refrain from vandalizing.

KSR.info was created in July 2009 by Kimon.

You can contact the creator and webmaster of KSR.info at postmaster (at] kimstanleyrobinson.info


How can I contribute?

KSR.info hopes to be a community-run website. Contributions to the content and to the structure of the website itself are wanted and encouraged!

Some ways in which you can contribute:

  • Register/Sign in and help build a comprehensive encyclopedia on the works of KSR
  • Help build a comprehensive interview list
  • If you come across an article of interest concerning KSR, such as a noteworthy review or KSR-inspired art, do post it
  • The same goes for articles of interest concerning related themes and issues: the environment, politics, science, history... the list is nearly infinite
  • KSR.info will host or link to content that is not exclusively focused on KSR. Sustainable living initiatives, social themes in science fiction, suggested writers and thinkers, if you've read KSR you know that nearly anything can be relevant.

    Finally, you can also contribute with suggestions pertaining to the structure of the site. Should we add a gallery of inspired-by art? A workshop on topical international issues? A newsletter? Be creative!

    Please send me an e-mail to the address postmaster {at]] kimstanleyrobinson.info with any suggestions or registration requests, or use our Forum!