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I remember a beginning of chapter in one of KSR's books that gave a very comprehensive description of the Eurasian 'dry belt' and how it originated in the barrier effect of the Tibetan plateau (or something along those lines). I was pretty sure I'd read it in years of rice and salt but have been unable to locate it. Does anyone remember the passage I'm talking about, and if so in which of the books it can be found?


It definitely sounds familiar. It sounds like something from the 40/50/60 trilogy. I would have to check more in detail.

Does anyone have any insight on how/where I can contact KSR and ask him a few questions regarding The High Sierra and his "rambling and scrambling" practices. I just finished the book and wanted to send a letter or email to ask a few questions. 


For such things, send me an e-mail to postmaster [at)

Mr. Robinson,

I have read so many of your books, but never delved deeper into your views and life. I just wanted to write quickly and say how your conversation with Ezra seemed to speak so many truths to me and my lived experiences.

From your experiences with psychedelics, love of ultralight backpacking in the High Sierras to allow you to immerse in and connect with the mountains, to your insightful views on economics, climate change, and the human interactions with the world I left the conversation with a deep respect for your thoughtfulness, insight, and character.

I will be reading more of your books, learning more about the world in general, and sharing your insights with my misfit tribe of people I've luckily surrounded myself with.

Hope you have spent time in the Emigrant Wilderness, I'm in Twain Harte, CA for a much-needed summer respite from coastal California.

Thank you for your impact on me, and the world,


What still sounded like dreams of the future in the novel "ministry for the future" could actually be the gamechanger for climate policy and be initiated initially within Europe through the climate currency ECO (Earth Carbon Obligation).

We are Jens and Angela Hanson, developers of the Alternative Climate Concept which foresees the introduction of a resource currency ECO, initially within Europe.

It provieds a holistic accounting system for a socially just CO2 pricing, which we bring in as an alternative to CO2 tax and EU-ETS. By limiting, rationing and personalizing greenhouse gas emissions, a social-ecological transformation can take place that is holistic, fair and liberal. The ECO should and must be a major aspect of the public and political debate on stemming the impacts of climate change.

Raising prices, such as the recent carbon tax on consumer goods, will not at once result in drastically lowering emissions. We need a more dependable and – most importantly – an inherently socially fair pricing model that takes our planet’s limitations into account.

The only solution is to make our consumer products greener and more climate friendly instead of relying on voluntary individual renunciation or small - scale savings measures. This is already technically possible. However, it has failed so far due to economic efficiency, because fossil fuels are simply too cheap. There has never been a price tag on what fossil fuels and their processing really cost our environment – a grave mistake at the expense of our children and their children’s children.

Of course, implementing the ECO system is not an effortless enterprise. We are convinced that coping with the impacts of uncontrolled climate change will be far more difficult, and socially disastrous. Meeting our climate goals is a challenge we must rise to together in a collective effort. And only a truly effective blanket concept can master the situation for us now and the generations to come. We must act now. We must act effectively.

Our aim is to open public and political discussions on our climate concept, to hone it, expand on it and implement it in its existing or improved form. Only Nature can create perfection – we are continuously learning and refining our ECO concept. Your constructive ideas are most welcome.


Jens & Angela Hanson
We're EU Climate Pact Ambassadors since 2021

Thank you Adam! Will add them up to the list at the wiki shortly!

That definitely doesn't sound like anything by KSR; you might want to try posting at

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