Charlotte, also known as Charlotte Dorsa Brevia, was a Swiss politician from Dorsa Brevia.

Charlotte Dorsa Brevia
Positions Secretary, historian
Affiliations The underground
Gender Female
Death -
Ancestors -
Descendants  ?

She was instrumental in the organization of the Dorsa Brevia Conference of the Martian underground of 2107 and was one of the most active persons in the drafting of the Dorsa Brevia declaration.

As a result, she was equally active in the Pavonis Mons Congress which resulted in the drafting of the Martian constitution. She was candidate for the executive council of the first Martian government, however she took the position of council secretary and protocol chief under the impulse of Nadia Cherneshevsky. Following the ratification of the Constitution, she published some worknotes and commentary.

She went on to become a renowned and influential historian. In a dense and multi-volume seminal work written and published in the 2170s, an "analytical metahistory" as she called it, she introduced the idea of clashing elements in progressive socioeconomic systems as a prism through which historical progress could be seen, each system being the result of a "residual/emergent complex of overlapping paradigms". She described the system at the time as a mixture of the residual feudalist/capitalist age and the democratic/Harmony age into which humanity was headed through that time's diaspora or accelerando. This work was greatly commented and discussed.