2 Apr 2016

Contact Conference 2016

Submitted by Kimon

Contact Conference 2016

KSR will present on April 2. Speaker topic: "Science and Science Fiction, an Eccentric Orbit"

CONTACT 2016 (our 29th year!) is meeting on April 1-3 at the Domain Hotel in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Keynote speaker: Artist Rick Sternbach, well-known for his designs and tech manuals for Star Trek, whose presence celebrates the 50th anniversary of the famed science fiction series. There will be a special panel and dealing with Star Trek’s legacy in the sciences and the arts. CONTACT has evolved into a premier forum on the future.

After a quarter century of our multi-disciplinary conferences, CONTACT includes some of the brightest of the new generation at NASA and SETI, scientists hard and soft, and as well as such exotics as anthropologists, philosophers, poets, filmmakers, historians, mathematicians and space lawyers. And the science fiction community always adds a brand of innovative and responsible speculation that has made our conference and organization unique. And more fun for all. Everyone’s a participant! We will be offering our traditional blatantly diverse program, with a SETI panel and a session highlighting the connections between science and science fiction. The program will be continuously updated on our website.

Join Penny Boston, William Clancey, Bruce Damer, Gus Frederick, Jim Funaro, Jeroen Lapré, David Morrison, Gerald Nordley, Jim Pass, Doug Raybeck, Kim Stanley Robinson, Seth Shostak, Rich Sternbach (keynote), Melanie Swan, Kathleen Toerpe, Zac Zimmer and others at CONTACT 2016. Looking forward to working and playing together. Watch this space for more information as it develops.