First Martian Revolution

The First Martian Revolution happened in 2061, simultaneously with World War Three on Terra.

The causes

  • Desire to be independent from Terra.
  • Transnational rule over Martian affairs.
  • Discontent over living standards provided to workers by transnationals.
  • Disregard of the Martian environment by the transnationals.
  • Many riots and general unrest preceded the revolution. Frank Chalmers and Maya Toitovna tried to prevent things coming to a head without success.

The revolution

The revolution itself began with the destruction of Nicosia's tent by The Coyote.

The revolution resulted in massive infrastructure destruction, either by the rebels who wanted to deprive the transnationals and UNOMA of the means to react, or by the transnational and UNOMA police forces on rebel-occupied settlements. Several cities were wrecked by tent explosions, burnings or guerrillas. The space elevator was destroyed by Bogdanovists. Phobos was driven out of its orbit and burned in Mars's atmosphere by Nadia Cherneshevsky. Several aquifers were broken and their water was violently released on the surface.

The causes for the failure of the revolution were lack of coordinated preparation and lack of coordination during the revolution itself.

The consequences

Non-rebel civilians struggled to survive in wrecked cities. UNTA and the transnationals maintained control of Mars and Mars space.

The anti-transnational elements were either exterminated or driven into hiding and created the Martian underground. Some of them changed names and rejoined society undercover (the demimonde).

During the revolution, Arkady Bogdanov and Frank Chalmers died. Together with John Boone, who had died some years before, these three political icons were dead. Their influence would continue to be felt throughout Martian history.