The Reds are those who want to keep Mars in its primary state. They are opposed to releasing Terran biological agents on the surface and every terraforming effort in general. Ironically, despite their conservationist ideas, they bear a name traditionally attributed to revolutionaries. Areologist Ann Clayborne is commonly acknowledged to have initiated the Red movement, even though her purely scientific view on the Red cause was not shared by all the Reds. For many Reds, protecting Mars was something that touched them deeply, on a nearly religious level. Their eternal opponents were the Greens.


Marsfirst is a political party with Red views.


The Kakaze is the most radical wing of the Reds. They often participate in sabotages and violent acts. Kasei was one of their leaders. Kasei, Dao and many Kakaze died during a failed attempt to take over the Socket of the space elevator at Sheffield during the Second Martian Revolution.