1 Jul 2020

The Terraforming 2020 Project

Submitted by Kimon

The Terraforming 2020 Project

Over the course of the two evenings on July 1-2 the Strelka Institute will host online public presentations of The Terraforming 2020 program to showcase the results of five months of research, investigation and creative exploration

The two events will premiere projects by 9 multidisciplinary teams and 4 research fellows. The work presented will cover a range of topics of space and sci-fi, artificial food and landscapes, geo- and macro-engineering, and range from speculative design proposals, to cinema, to legal frameworks, to practical propositions for intervention.

The presentations will be accompanied by keynotes from the faculty of The Terraforming – Benjamin Bratton, Lisa Messeri, Jussi Parikka, Helen Hester and Kim Stanley Robinson.

July 1-2 2020

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